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Futabox where is futa-futa filter now?

I finished 1.25 but i wanna play 1.35, how do use my current save on 1.35?

Replace the save folder in 1.35 with the one from 1.25


From the bottom of my heart I hate this game and I hope it never gets finished. Honestly the first part was already a grindfest sure, but at least it was playable. The second part is just total trash and honestly not worth the grind sink of playing the first part. So I hope you just stop developing because you suck at it. 


If you don't like mini games you can skip it, so your claims are unfounded.
Our game has a minimum amount of grind, do not mislead people.
If you don't like our game or any other in the whole Internet, we allow you not to play, support, and follow them!

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Fuck this stealth minigame and fuck you for putting a bonus in it. Your retarded game deserves to be terminated. Fuck off. 

I've seen extremely hard stealth sections before but this is bullshit screw you. 


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shut up ♥ 

It seems that for me to move forward I need Rey to visit Hannah, but she will only be viable if the futa-futa filter is not active, how do I activate and deactivate this filter (the lever is no longer in the place where it used to be) and how can I make Rey visit her?

I think u can't do it, it's only in the beginning of the game. But if u found the solution to make Rey visit her, then it would be nice if u write back.

If by any chance I find out I'll say, but the creator thinks he knows how to see it, doesn't he?

@futabox I need help! Why after doing all the quests in the first playday I still can't sleep in the maid bed? It says that I need to finish the quests with all the girls but as I said I already did that! Please Help!

The game folder has a walkthrough.

If  it says so, there's no other way, you definitely missed something.

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Hello, Went back to replay the game. But when trying to open all I get is the blank box. with my cursor flashing like its trying to load. No matter which version. I am on win 8.1.  I used to play it back when it first released.  Ideas?????

when is the next update is released for the public ?

Will part 1 ever get an apk

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I'll ask the guy who ports our game.

Question, the intro says that I need to play part 1, where can I find it?

Click download and choose the last line.
Or you can find it on Patreon.

I finsihed version 1.35 recently. Do i have to keep my save files until 1.45 released? 

Saves work during one play day, so you should keep your saves from version 1.25. They will work for 1.35 and 1.45.

I found this game few days ago so the only version i played is 1.35. What do i do?

Hey there. Are there any plans on getting this to work on Mac?

Unfortunately, none of us have a mac for testing versions.


Alpha test scene for version 1.45 is now on Patreon!

hell like version 1.45 I don't believe it WTF ?!!

is it good ??

i saved but when i close the app to go out when i got back on it did not save

Can't figure out how to meet Rey or activate the event. The walkthrough also does not give me any solution to it. The only thing I know is that I should bring Rey to Hannah. I clicked everything and talked to everyone. So could anyone help me here?

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How do i know when the update ends? The last thing i need to do is have a date with Kate, Is that the final mission of the 1.35?

As the story progresses. Plus, all the characters tell you what to do, and you definitely won't miss the ending.

Futabox how can I continue Rachel, Connie, Kate, and the Princess quests?

Read the walkthrough, the text file is in the game's folder.

Seriously? Because it looked and it looked empty.

Futabox are you going to release 1.35 for android? I wonder why others like me are eager for more.

It's already here. FutaQuest 1.35.apk

I didn't know, thanks for telling me😊😊😊

Wit this update, the android version is now 2 content releases behind. When is this going to be fixed? 

I need the Android version asap. Anyone knows when it's coming out?


In the very near future.

when is 1.35 is released to the public ?


August 8


cant figure out how to finish 1.25, ive done every task in the walkthrough except it wont let me take rey to hannah, idk how to even start that. i try talking to kate but it says to complete other tasks first. ive completed everything i can find according to the walkthrough in the games files. any advice here?

Bro, I'm also stuck here. If you found the solution, then it would be nice if you could write it down here.

donde obtengo la nueva versión androide

Is there an Android version now? I hope it doesn't end up like the previous version

I hope the version is released today

when it will released 1.35 futa quest ? 


It was already launched on patreon to the public I don't know

where do i talk to rachel all it says is in the evening but i cant find her


people complain just like me but they don't see how great an effort they make


say that in the update a game is coming as it has always been there to thank the creators thank you for bringing a tremendous game. 

Thank you for your time and dedication Futabox

where do i find the phone im lost

como puedo conseguir el internet para hanna me e roto la cabeza buscando por todos lados


se consigue donde Maiko en que horario no me acuerdo prueba de dia tarde noche aver es en el portatil de maiko 


Release Date 1.35

Here comes the moment expected by everyone when we can confidently announce the exact release date of the test version 1.35

Version will be released on July 29!

We manage to finish everything in the usual time frame even though the version will now tell and continue the story of 4 characters instead of the standard 3.

Also, the scenes are getting hotter and therefore more difficult to implement. So, this is a considerable achievement for us.

good job there i hope you all stay healthy and dont overwork at activity, ill wait for the update thanks for the good work.

can l play this 1.35 version futa quest on my phone ? 

I'm here waiting for the other version of FUTABOX

Why isn't the android port for part one listed here? Seriously

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Someone explain me What is this 


The fact that this game REQUIRES a walkthrough in order to beat it, shows how badly it needs a quest list. It's a pretty good game so far tho.

huh i never use the walkthrough tho, its simple just think like all of the girl is roxy's harem and what harem need is attention to everyone all the time. if you just focus on someone you will get stuck

that's just my opinion if you agree then up it !
i would love to get Roxy to be the only futa in the game
i didn't like that the maid and connie became futa as well since it's not clear how it happened

wait what do you mean by connie became a futa? is that what happened in the end of ver 1.25?


i still cant get enough hannah dominate other futa hope in the next update there will be more of it, love ya developer.


Can we please just combine the versions into one game? instead of having multiple parts across several games? It's a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

is there a release date ?¿
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